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Bringing Fresh Thinking to Ageing Fields

This Upstream interview with Promethean CEO and Founder Aditya Singh describes the markedly different approach the company brings to the management of mature assets with remaining production through to their decommissioning.

We are honored that Promethean has been named as the winner of Decom Mission’s 2023 Member Award. All the more appreciated given’s Decom Mission’s standing as the trusted voice of decommissioning internationally. Thank you.

 2023 Decom North Sea (DNS)’  “Member Award”

We are delighted to have been shortlisted for the 2023 Decom North Sea (DNS)’  “Member Award” which recognizes achievements that have advanced best practices in decommissioning, such as business model and strategy. We are also very pleased to be a sponsor of DNS’ Education and Emerging Professional program. Bringing innovation and best practices to decommissioning…

Promethean is proud to be featured

The National Ocean Industries Association’s Annual ESG report is released. Promethean is proud to be featured as one of the case studies in our first year of operation.

Promethean Energy Corporation Appoints Board of Advisors

Promethean Energy an oil & gas operator with an integrated approach to the development, production, and ultimate decommissioning of mature assets, today announced the formation of a Board of Advisors for its end-of-life business unit, Promethean Decommissioning Company (PDC). Promethean Energy CEO and Founder Aditya Singh said “I am pleased to announce the appointment…